Deep Dive

Every detail to the next level.

The 2-day quarterback deep dive provides an intense, all-inclusive, and personalized training experience condensed into two 4-hour sessions.

Quarterbacks undergo a detailed evaluation of their passing mechanics, including physical testing to address any underlying movement or strength/stability limitations.  Video assessment and 3-D motion capture may be utilized.

Sessions are completely personalized and can be tailored to address specific issues or provide a broader overview of all aspects of quarterback play.  QBs will leave with a deeper understanding of their mechanics, how to take care of their body, film and board study, and a plan for ongoing development.


Day 1 (session 1)

  • Game film review
  • Physical testing 
  • Throwing evaluation

Day 1 (session 2)

  • Footwork & drops
  • Pocket mobility
  • Passing mechanics training

Day 2 (session 1)

  • Review of data
  • Physical training & arm care
  • Film and whiteboard study

Day 2 (session 2)

  • Mechanics training
  • Situational application
  • Take home workouts & drills

Don’t just look, measure.

QBI makes use of technology that goes far beyond just looking at passing mechanics and actually allows us to quantify and measure how the body works when throwing a football. 

A 3-D motion assessment of passing mechanics provides quarterbacks with objective information, which can be used to identify and address underlying issues that may effect mechanical efficiency.  There is no more accurate and detailed way to look at passing mechanics.  

3-D motion capture of throwing mechanics.

Contact The Quarterback Institute for more information and to schedule Deep Dive sessions. 

This program is recommended for advanced high school, college, or professional QBs.