private quarterback instruction and training minnesota

The most customized approach to regular training to address details specific to each quarterback.


small group quarterback training minnesota

The benefits of private training in a competitive environment with QBs of similar age and ability.

deep dive

An intense and comprehensive 2-day experience, designed to make big improvements quickly.  

Groups & Teams

Summer QB/WR Training

Our summer QB/WR series is a perfect compliment to private and small group training.  Open to WRs, TEs, & RBs to sign up as a group with their QB to implement passing concepts, improve timing with receivers, and simulate game-like situations.  

team training

offensive skill position team football training minnesota

Team training is an opportunity for quarterbacks and skill positions to work on timing & technical skills, specifically within the constructs of their offensive schemes.  These sessions may be set up and scheduled in a customized format.


7on7 tournaments

7on7 passing league saturday night lights minnetonka minnesota

Powered by Inspired Athletx, our 7on7 tournament will be held on June 28 at Minnetonka High School.  Click below for more info.