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The Quarterback Institute is home to the most comprehensive quarterback development program that integrates science, training, and coaching.

The exclusive training program at QBI is available to quarterbacks at all levels.  The process begins with a thorough evaluation, which is used to develop a customized training plan to address each player’s individual needs.  Our goal is to provide quarterbacks with unmatched results they can take to the field.

The QB Institute is a top-notch training program.  They are the true leaders in quarterback training in the country.  I chose to train at The QB Institute for this past offseason leading up to my pro day and NFL Super Regional Combine.  I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Dr. Grant Norland and his staff  got me physically and mentally prepared to perform at my highest level.  There is no better place to train in the country, not only for quarterbacks, but any athlete that wants to gain a competitive advantage.

Cole Jaeschke

Professional Quarterback, NSIC Conference record holder in career passing yards and total offense.


Real Data, Real Results

We use objective data to provide unbiased assessments and information.

No Gimmicks

Everything we do and teach has a clearly defined on-field application.

Expert Team

Our expert professionals are constantly improving our training process.

Old School Hard Work

We use new technology, but bring an old school work ethic to QB training.

The Program

We’ve developed a first-of-its-kind, seamlessly integrated quarterback development program, designed and implemented by doctors, that is unparalleled in the industry.  Our program is continually improving as we gather more information from the quarterbacks we train and our growing advisory board of expert professionals.


Nobody knows passing mechanics like The QB Institute.  Efficient passing mechanics improve velocity and accuracy while ensuring the health and longevity of your throwing arm.


Our attention to detail is relentless.  Refine and perfect every aspect of your pass drops, footwork, pocket mobility, run game, and play action technique with drills to simulate game situations.

The X’s and O’s

Understanding coverages, attack strategies, and the ability to make the proper reads and adjustments on the field gives you an edge on game day.

quarterback training defensive recognition

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps QBs rehab, recover, and improve performance.  We often use physical therapy as a tool to correct functional deficiencies that may be limiting your performance.

Sport Psychology

Develop an optimal performance mindset by improving focus, confidence, decision making, and leadership with top professionals in the industry.

Strength & Conditioning

Build core stability, strength, speed and explosive power with our strength and conditioning programs, specifically designed for quarterback performance.


Nutrition consultations provide information for proper diet to accomplish your goals.  Custom meal prep is available with our professional and combine training plans.

Train at the QB Institute

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