QB Camp

Camps are a great way for quarterbacks to learn a lot in a short and focused period of time while sharpening their skills in a fun and competitive environment with their peers.  Our camp experience will leave QBs better players and leaders, armed with the tools to continue to improve and perfect their craft as a quarterback. 

2-Day Camp Info

 Develop the skills to level up your game.

This quarterbacks-only camp provides a unique exposure to pro-level mechanical instruction, focusing on the biomechanics necessary to optimize each quarterback’s throwing motion, rather than teaching a specific style-based approach to all players. QBs will learn how to become more efficient, balanced, and accurate passers of the football, while also learning some of the physical training elements to improve throwing power and protect their throwing arm.

Quarterbacks will be challenged in the film room and on the board with pass concept installs, including read progressions and defensive recognition.  QBs will also be exposed to proven leadership strategies and actionable steps to becoming a more influential and effective team leader.  Each player will leave camp with the tools to see substantial improvement on the field as a quarterback.

The Takeaways


    • Passing mechanics
    • Footwork and drops
    • Pocket mobility
    • Avoiding and escaping rush
    • Film study & awareness
    • Defensive recognition and reads
    • Physical preparation & arm care
    • Leadership qualities & tactics

Take it home…

    • QB Institute gear
    • Online access to drills & exercises

The Details


Dates: Fri/Sat June 17-18, 2022

Location: Minnetonka High School

Open to: High School QBs (2021 season 9-12)

Cost: $229 (on or before April 16) / $259 (after April 16)

Camp Schedule


Friday, June 17

Day 1: 1pm-5pm 

  • Passing mechanics progression
  • Footwork & drops
  • Throwing on the run
  • Defensive recognition
  • Film study: Quick game install
  • Parent session: Recruiting
  • On-field: quick game reads & throws

Saturday, June 18

Day 2: 8am-noon 

  • Arm care & physical preparation
  • Pocket mobility & off-platform throws
  • RPO mechanics
  • Film study: RPO install
  • On-field: RPO reads, & throws
  • Film study: Level 2 concept install
  • On-field: Level 2 concept reads & throws

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Grant Norland

The QB Doctor


  • Founder & Director of The Quarterback Institute.
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  • Leading expert in the biomechanics of throwing.
  • Coaches QBs at every level, including NFL combine & pro day preparation.

Jason Opsal

Director of QB Intelligence


  • Passing game coordinator at Minnetonka High School.
  • Over 20 years of QB coaching experience.
  • Expert in offensive strategy and defensive recognition.
  • Watches NFL game film almost every night, just for fun.

Mark Esch

Director of Leadership

  • Current head coach at Minnetonka High School.
  • Coach of multiple all-state and player of the year QBs.
  • 2 State Championships (Mankato West HS) & over 100 wins.
  • Author.  Purchase Coach’s book here.